About Dallas, Texas

With a population of about 6.3 million people, the Dallas / Ft. Worth metropolitan area is the fourth largest city in the United States. Dallas is located in northeastern Texas on relatively flat plains.

About Dallas, Texas

Dallas Information

City code DAL
Country United States
State Texas
Population 6.3 Million
Pop. density 3,700 / km2
Land area 997 km2
Elevation 131 m
Currency Dollar (USD)
Annual GDP US$ 365 Bn
Languages English
Latitude 32.47° N
Longitude 96.48° W

The Dallas area was originally settled in the early 1840's in what was then an independent Republic of Texas. The United States annexed this territory in 1845 and established Dallas County in 1846.

The economy in Dallas is very strong and has been one of the growth areas of the United States for some years. The oil industry remains very big in the DFW area, but other industries have grown quickly and established themselves, too. The DFW area is home to corporate headquarters for 25 Fortune 500 companies. Technology companies, and in particular telecommunications companies, have established a major presence in the region, too.

Dallas has a humid subtropical climate and is located in one of the hottest regions in the United States. Summer daily high temperatures are normally in the mid- to high-90's (°F), but commonly reach well over 100 °F. Winter daily high temperatures are normally in the mid-50's to low 60's (°F). The city receives about 94 cm of precipitation per year.

Dallas has plenty of attractions and things to do, but is perhaps not especially well known as an international tourist destination.

Dallas is a fairly diverse city. About 55% of the population is white / caucasian and about 23% are African American. Hispanics and Latinos of various ethnicities make up about 42% of the population. English is the most widely spoken language with Spanish also very common.

The main airport serving Dallas is Dallas / Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW).

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